The Writer’s Bloc is the University of Maryland’s primary publication for the arts on campus and in the greater DMV area. We aim to tell unique and often overlooked stories from creative angles.

Katie Ebel – Editor-in-Chief

Sara Karlovitch – Editor

Julia Lerner – Photo Editor

Horus Alas – Staff Reporter

Ayana Archie – Staff Reporter

Ilana Bernstein – Staff Reporter

Talia Dennis – Staff Reporter

Tommy Diehl – Staff Reporter

Naomi Harris – Staff Reporter

Monica Pizzo – Staff Reporter

Morgan Politzer – Staff Reporter

Sam Pitkin- Staff Reporter

Jordan Stovka – Staff Reporter

Raye Weigel – Staff Reporter

Setota Hailemariam – Staff Reporter

Taylor Roar – Staff Reporter

Gabe Fernandez – Photographer

Emilie Fleuette – Photographer

Heather Kim – Photographer

Josh Loock – Photographer

Cassie Osvatics – Photographer

Emma Riley – Photographer

Alicia Barillari – Copyeditor

Taylor Markey – Copyeditor

Allihies Melton – Copyeditor

Kira Sansone – Copyeditor

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