By Jerold Massie

Since 2011, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Wolf Trap, Va. has covered its park in lights every holiday season. The event’s ninth year is at a reduced capacity, around 30% of other years due to Coronavirus restrictions. 

Program Manager Jules Maloney says that the reduced numbers have lead to a “lovely, noncrowded experience.” She added that the event continues to sell out every night, using advanced ticket sales and attracts people from all over the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area.

Where patrons enter the walk of lights upon exiting the main building. (Jerold Massie/The Writer’s Bloc)
A house frozen in a block of ice in the shape of a bell. (Jerold Massie/The Writer’s Bloc)
A puddle reflects the light of some trees along the walk. (Jerold Massie/The Writer’s Bloc)
A couple walking through were one of the few groups allowed to go in at the same time. (Jerold Massie/The Writer’s Bloc)
The pavilion across the pond casts a reflection on the partially frozen water. (Jerold Massie/The Writer’s Bloc)
A Christmas tree made entirely of lights is the focal point of the walk’s light show that plays on a loop. (Jerold Massie/The Writer’s Bloc)
A stream of lights runs through the middle of the walk. (Jerold Massie/The Writer’s Bloc)
Almost every tree has lights of some kind strung across it. (Jerold Massie/The Writer’s Bloc)
A patron tries to get their child to stand still for a picture. (Jerold Massie/The Writer’s Bloc)
Bees made of lights travel to the flowers and return home in their hive on a loop in the light show. (Jerold Massie/The Writer’s Bloc)
A tunnel of lights towards the end of the walk. (Jerold Massie/The Writer’s Bloc)
A small garden shed with carrots, sunflowers and rabbits made of lights. (Jerold Massie/The Writer’s Bloc)
A greenhouse converted into a snack bar where those attending the event can buy hot cocoa, smores and other treats. (Jerold Massie/The Writer’s Bloc)
The walk ends with a path lined with blue trees and hanging lights overhead that mimic cinders falling. (Jerold Massie/The Writer’s Bloc)

Meadowlark’s Winter Walk of Lights is open until Jan. 3, 2021. Tickets can be bought online through Eventbrite. For more information, take a look at the NOVA Parks official site.

Featured Photo Credit: Jerold Massie/The Writer’s Bloc

Jerold Massie is a junior multiplatform journalism major and can be reached at

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