By Teresa Ugarte

The infamous McElroy brothers hit the stage at DAR Constitution Hall September 26 to perform their hit podcast, “My Brother, My Brother, and Me” live. The show was the first stop on their “Become the Monster” Tour, which features “My Brother, My Brother, and Me” and the McElroy family’s tabletop RPG podcast, “The Adventure Zone.” 

“My Brother, My Brother, and Me” is advertised as an “advice show for the modern era,” but don’t let that description fool you. The show is really a comedy in which the three brothers give absurd advice to listener-submitted questions. They also answer Yahoo! Answers questions, such as the night’s first question, “Can gorillas be turned into vampires?”

The main show was preluded by a brief episode of “Shammers,” an etiquette podcast hosted by the middle brother, Travis McElroy, and his wife, Teresa McElroy. They took a deep dive into the history of the Freemasons, looking at their origins, their presence in popular culture, and where they are today. 

A live showing of “Sawbones,” a medical history podcast hosted by oldest brother Justin McElroy and his wife, Dr. Sydnee McElroy, was cancelled due to a family emergency that resulted in Dr. McElroy being unavailable. 

The main show was full of its usual quick wit and absurdity, kicking off with a riddle segment and then diving straight into audience-submitted questions. The questions ranged from asking how to ask your friends to let you give them a massage in a not-creepy way to what to do about the Shrek action figure that a listener shoplifted as a child 10 years prior. 

About two-thirds through the hour-and-fifteen-minute show, Justin McElroy pulled out a “Munch Squad” segment. “Much Squad” is described as “a podcast within a podcast,” wherein McElroy reads what he considers to be overly enthusiastic press releases for fast food chains. The topic of this “Munch Squad” was Taco Bell’s new Toasted Cheddar Chalupa.  

The show wrapped up with three audience questions, asked and answered live. One audience member asked what to do with his sister’s kids teeth, one asked whether they should show their grandma their digital art assignment, and the last asker simply asked for a spoiler free summary of the movie “John Wick,” since she and her brother had had to stop the movie early in order to attend the show. 

Overall, the McElroys put on a great performance. They were actively engaged with each other and the audience, creating a fun atmosphere for the night. 

Featured Photo Credit: Courtesy of the MBMBaM Facebook page.

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