Editors Note: The following article discusses suicide.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

By Cami Gore

You are not alone.

 University of Maryland Help Center is here to help you. This peer counseling center and crisis intervention hotline is just a walk or call away.

 According to the Help Center website, “Anyone affiliated with the university can call and be connected to student counselors who are trained to help with any problems you may be facing.”

 The Help Center had multiple events last week in honor of Suicide Prevention Week, but this is a reminder that every week can be for preventing suicide.

 “No issue is too big or small,” said the Help Center website. All calls are confidential and can be made anonymously. 

 Junior public health science major Annika Meyer is training to become a peer counselor at the Help Center. She has been training since October of 2018.

 The Help Center is located above the South Campus Dining Hall (room 3105). It is most easily accessible by taking the stairs to the right of the dining hall’s main entrance. The Help Center’s hotline number is 301-314-HELP. 

 Meyer said, “If they walk in [to the Help Center] we offer pregnancy tests, condoms (both male and female), dental dams and lube. It is 100% anonymous and confidential.”

 In the Help Center, there is a sign hanging up that says, “You don’t think it be like that but it do.” Meyer said, “It’s obviously a joke, but it is so true. You don’t expect things to happen to you, but they do and you have to roll with the punches and figure yourself out.”

 Last semester the Help Center sponsored free STI testing and Meyer said she believes they will be doing so again this year. She also said to look out for upcoming fundraisers at restaurants like Chipolte and Lotsa.

 Interested in joining the Help Center? Fill out a form here to schedule an interview. According to the Help Center website, “Due to the lengthy training process involved you must be a freshman or sophomore to apply.”

 On the Help Center website, you can also find hotlines related to mental health, drug abuse, homelessness, pregnancy, sexuality and gender, family and more.

 Meyer said, “I think it is NEVER a sign of weakness to ask for help, and in the end, it could be incredibly helpful.”

 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Courtesy of help center website 

Featured Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Help Center’s Facebook page. 

Cami Gore is a sophomore journalism and dance major and can be reached at camgore13@gmail.com.

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