By Owen Hynes

Prior to graduating in May 2018, Ethan Healy, who goes by “Healy” for short, had been living a double life as a full-time medical student at the University of Tennessee in Memphis while continuing to balance his education alongside of his growing music career.  

Although being an independent singer-rapper, especially one with a doctorate degree, from Memphis, Tennessee may seem rather unorthodox compared to most artists in the industry, Healy actually credits his hometown city as a strong source of inspiration when making music.  

“Memphis is such a melting pot for music … Everybody’s cool with everybody and it’s just a very neat space. I think that has definitely influenced my music in terms of the individuality and authenticity of the area. Oh, and the blues,” said Healy, according to a 2017 article from Chicago music publication These Days.  

Listeners can really feel this Memphis-sparked inspiration in Healy’s debut album “Subluxe,”  released in June 2017. Experimenting with sounds, such as the crunching of shoes on gravel on the album’s third track “Build” or the whistles from trains in “Unwind,” Healy aims to give fans a raw, authentic look into his Memphis lifestyle on the record. Highlighted by tracks like “Reckless” and “Unwind,” “Subluxe” provides an inside look on the singer-rapper’s personal relationships and heartbreaks, struggles with family and friends, stress-filled days and his growth throughout life.    

Now, almost a year since graduating from medical school and two years since his last release, the eyes are on Healy’s next move and anticipation of new music from the Memphis singer-rapper is growing each day.

Last week over Twitter, Healy thanked his fans for their patience and explained the lack of new music lately.

“Really taking my time with these new songs. I’ve grown a lot over the last year and I’m doing my best to let that translate naturally into the music. Thanks everyone for being so patient,” tweeted Healy.          

Keeping this tweet in mind and with the end of the semester coming up fast, fans will be patiently waiting for new Healy music on those warm summer days. Until then, listen to “Subluxe” here and stream the rest of Healy’s Spotify here in order to find your next go-to summer artist.  

Featured Photo Credit: Dillon Stewart via Healy’s Instagram.

Owen Hynes is a sophomore journalism major and can be reached at

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