By Owen Hynes

Canadian singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco, known for his relaxed persona and comforting indie rock sound, released his sixth studio album “Here Comes The Cowboy” on Friday, May 10 through his new label, Mac’s Record Label.

At 13 tracks in length, “Here Comes The Cowboy” features a more raw, cut-back and melancholy style of sound compared to the rest of the projects in DeMarco’s discography.

In an April 2019 interview with Huck, a London-based magazine, DeMarco commented on what his new album is about.   

“Reflecting on life, growing up. It’s always growing up with me. I’m stuck,” said DeMarco.  

Although DeMarco may think he is stuck in a particular stage of his personal life, his new album comes at a very interesting time during his nine-year solo music career, as the artist has recently broken into the mainstream music scene as of late, surpassing his celebrity status that was mostly secluded to the indie rock community.     

“Here Comes The Cowboy” is filled with lazy-rock inspired tracks like “Finally Alone,” where DeMarco describes a cowboy taking a flight to Spain after being desperate to get away and seek the city lights.  

However, DeMarco shows a more experimental side of his artistry on tracks like “Baby Bye Bye,” the final and longest track on the LP at nearly seven and a half minutes. DeMarco transitions from a slow, lyric-filled reflection regarding the pain from a past failed relationship to a funkier, jammier sound in the track’s latter half.

In a May 2019 article from Rolling Stone, Joe Levy, the contributing editor of the publication, described DeMarco’s feelings on “Baby Bye Bye,” hinting that although a severed relationship can make a person like DeMarco feel alone and prefer staying home by himself, time eventually passes and the natural yearning to come back and experience the outside world will soon return, which the spirit of “Baby Bye Bye” encompasses towards the end.

“A hidden track at the end [of “Baby Bye Bye”] … suggests that sometimes the feeling [of not wanting to leave ones house] passes and the garage door opens. There’s a party out there somewhere, for those willing to saddle up,” Levy said.   

After listening to “Here Comes The Cowboy,” it’s safe to say that DeMarco might finally be hinting that he’s willing to get out there and saddle up.  

Listen to Mac DeMarco’s “Here Comes The Cowboy” here.  

Featured Photo Credit: Courtesy of Mac DeMarco’s Facebook page.

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