By Owen Hynes

At the end of the semester, hiding behind all of the upcoming, stress-inducing final assignments and exams looming over students’ heads, is summer: a time to unwind, travel on vacation and do any other relaxing activities that come to mind.

However, in order to truly complement all of summer’s fun moments and adventures, a proper soundtrack is needed.  So, when it comes time to make that new, summer-inspired playlist for the coming months, make sure to include songs from Canadian electronic music producer Chet Porter.  

After building a strong following on SoundCloud following the releases of various remixes like “Where Are Ü Now” by Jack Ü and “It’s Strange” by Louis The Child in 2015, as well as a selection of original tracks such as “pls stay the night” in 2015 and “tbh ily,” released through the Los Angeles-based record label Moving Castle in 2016, Porter has since achieved even more music industry success in recent years.

On top of releasing “Stay” featuring Chelsea Cutler in August 2016 through the electronic duo ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective label, which has grossed about 12 million streams on Spotify, Porter has also embarked on his first United States headlining tour. He was featured on the remix EP to ODESZA’s Grammy-nominated album “A Moment Apart” and, according to a tweet from Porter in March 2019, the artist helped co-write and “ghost produce” a radio hit last year.

Even through his success, Porter has managed to remain true to his SoundCloud-era sound and style while also taking steps to add unique elements and develop it over the years. Whether it’s because of his nature-inspired, lush electronic synths or slow, emotionally-driven lyrics, Porter’s music will always make listeners want more and more of it.  

For those particular listeners craving more music from Porter, the artist has left several clues via his Twitter account that hint to the possibility of new music coming soon.

In February 2019, after tweeting the streaming link for his new “Line of Sight” remix, featured on “A Moment Apart,” Porter provided the fans awaiting new music from him with some good news.

“here u go. i haven’t released anything in like a year and a half, so i figured it was time to give you something. much more on the way this year, love u,” tweeted Porter in all lowercase.  

Also, in a March 2019 tweet, Porter let his fans know about his commitment to the studio and the making of new music.

“today is my last day of being in the studio for 6 weeks straight,” he tweeted.

For now, fans and listeners will have to patiently wait for new Chet Porter music; however, in the meantime, click here to check out his Spotify and add a few of his songs to that summer playlist.   

Featured Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chet Porter’s Facebook page.

Owen Hynes is a sophomore journalism major and can be reached at

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