By Taneen Momeni

UMD dance team Dynamic hosted the 2019 Rip the Floor competition and showcase in The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center April 6.

With vibrant and engaging performances, 13 teams from across Maryland, D.C. and Pennsylvania kept the audience’s attention the whole time.

Culture Shock D.C. is a non-profit dance group committed to hip-hop dance education. (Taneen Momeni/Bloc Reporter)
Drip Team began the second half of the show, maintaining the same energy as the performances beforehand. (Taneen Momeni/Bloc Reporter)
A younger member of the team takes center stage as the others match his moves around him. (Taneen Momeni/Bloc Reporter)
UMBC’s Major Definition was one of the teams competing for the $500 prize. (Taneen Momeni/Bloc Reporter)
The team came in second place; this was their first time placing in two years. (Taneen Momeni/Bloc Reporter)
friends. was another showcasing dance team, whose costumes allowed the audience to understand the slumber party scene it created. (Taneen Momeni/Bloc Reporter)
UMD’s Dynamic opened and closed the show. Their name is an acronym that stands for “Determined Young New Artists Maintaining an Incredible Craft.” (Taneen Momeni/Bloc Reporter)
Competition winners Creative Reaction celebrated their win by dancing with their large check. (Taneen Momeni/Bloc Reporter)

Featured Photo Credit: Creative Reaction poses with their prize. (Taneen Momeni/Bloc Reporter)

Taneen Momeni is a freshman journalism major and can be reached at

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