By Christina Armeni

So you think you know “Hamlet,” a tale of a tragic hero’s journey through passion and revenge? Imagine William Shakespeare’s famous play turned upside down, flipped backwards and splashed with vibrant color, and then you are close to picturing “Hamlet Replayed,” a production by the University of Maryland’s School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies.

Students at the university put on a mainstage hit that shocked, startled and wowed audiences. Throughout their eight performance run, more than 25 onstage performers created a lively version of the Shakespearean classic. The show opened February 22 and closed March 2.

The performance included singing, dancing and lots of flour throwing.

“ “Hamlet Replayed” loosely follows Shakespeare’s tragedy through the eyes of the clown,” said director Leslie Felbain in the program’s director’s note.

Felbain is a performer, director, teacher and coach who is a founding member of Infinite Stage, an “ensemble based company that integrates creative and healing arts,” according to its website.

Darien Djourabtchi, senior theatre performance major, gave an energetic and refreshing performance as Hamlet’s father, the Ghost King. Although his character was much less than alive, his expressions and movements were eye-catching and entertaining.

The costume design deserved immense praise for the rugged, clown-like and detailed ensembles. Led by MFA candidate in costume design, Austin Conlee, the costumes were unlike any well-known interpretation of Hamlet. Polonius wore a graduation cap and Hamlet had a hunting hat. The stage and everyone’s costumes were covered in what looked like flour.

“Hamlet Replayed” was a hit that left audiences roaring.

The next show hitting the Clarice’s main stage is the “Fearless New Play Festival,” March 7-9. The festival features new scripts written by alumni and current students. Tickets, free for students and $10 for general admission, can be found on The Clarice’s website.

Featured Photo Credit: Courtesy of David Andrews.

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