By Hannah Stryker

After becoming successful from the former social media app Vine, Cody Ko and Noel Miller recently brought their humor to live audiences across the U.S. on their “Tiny Meat Gang Live: A Night of Comedy” tour. Ko, named Cody Kolodziejzyk at birth, and Miller, first talked on Vine messaging, where they discussed meeting to make videos together. Although there was talk to create content, Ko and Miller didn’t end up meeting until they coincidentally became office buddies at the company Fullscreen. Both comedians decided to join forces and thus, the rap and podcast group “Tiny Meat Gang” was formed.

Ko’s rise to fame began in 2013 on Vine. After his six-second videos caught the interest of mainly teenagers, he gained more than 2.7 million followers. Once Vine shut down, Ko moved his platform to YouTube, and has since acquired a significant 2.1 million subscribers. With only 832,282 subscribers, Miller, on the other hand, has not seen as much success on YouTube as his counterpart. Still, the two have proven to be victorious when working as a team.

Ko and Miller now make music and music videos together, with songs such as “No Flex” that pokes fun at rappers who sing about their wealth, with Ko and Miller claiming they are everyday people. In “No Flex” the two discuss the small luxuries they have, such as Hulu Plus, and being able to afford occasional haircuts. People, especially young adults, enjoy the comedic music because it is so relatable to their daily lives.

Ko and Miller announced the TMG Live tour in October 2018 and kicked it off in Berkeley, California. The pair performed a show on February 4 at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland, and many attendees were from colleges in the surrounding area, such as James Madison University and the University of Maryland, College Park.

The show featured stand-up comedy, and bits from their YouTube channels. Ko and Miller are known best for their “That’s Cringe” segment on Youtube, where they react to so-called “cringey” videos uploaded by other YouTubers. On the live tour, Ko and Miller showed a video uploaded by fraternity brothers from Florida State University and reacted to it along with the audience. The show ended with a Q&A session, and almost everyone in the audience wanted to ask a question. Unfortunately, they could only answer a few. One audience member asked if Ko and Miller could “come to Cornerstone,” a bar in downtown College Park, to which Ko responded, “That sounds like it’s from Riverdale.”

“The show was so much fun!” University of Maryland freshman journalism major Charlotte Crook said. “I’ve watched Cody and Noel’s videos for so long, so it was great to see them in more of a stand-up environment. I loved seeing them reference bits that they usually do online. Being able to see them in person made you feel like you were in on the joke. The atmosphere of the show was great, too. Everyone was just there to have a good time and I think that’s what really made the show so awesome.”

University of Maryland freshman criminology major Avery Whitney-Blum said, “I was surprised at the sheer amount of college students that were there. I assumed that YouTubers in general had a younger audience, so it was interesting to see how many college students attended and seemed to really enjoy the show.”

Ko and Miller have 10 shows left on the tour throughout the remainder of February and some of March and April. At the end of the show, Ko and Miller teased that their next tour would be a concert tour by announcing, “Tiny Meat Gang tour part two! That would be fun. Maybe a music tour next time.” Who knows? Maybe another TMG tour is in the works for young adults across the U.S. to enjoy.  

Featured Photo Credit: Courtesy of Union Stage’s Facebook page.

Hannah Stryker is a freshman journalism major and can be reached at

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