The Dinner with Syrian Refugees, organized by Beyond Relief, was held on Friday, December 7, 2018. The dinner was meant to help refugees meet members of the College Park community.
Iman Bambouk sits with two of her daughters during the dinner. Bambouk fled from Syria and was separated from her daughters for two years before being reunited.
A volunteer greets guest at the Dinner with Syrian Refugees.
Zain Abidin, an outreach coordinator for Helping Hand U.S.A., prepares to speak to guests. Helping Hand sponsored the event.
Members of Beyond Relief serve guests food.
Razeen Khan, president of Beyond Relief, speaks to guests as two volunteer translators speak to each other. There were several translators who offered to help the Syrian refugees converse with guests.
Teenage Syrian refugees sit at a table together during the dinner. Most of them are freshmen in high school and have only been in the U.S. for one or two years.


Bambouk poses with her three daughters. While she came to the U.S. with a travel visa, her daughters came as refugees. After waiting for two years, Bambouk was overcome with emotion the day she was reunited with her daughters. “You can’t imagine.”

Featured Photo Credit: Liam Harrington

Liam Harrington is a freelance photographer for the Bloc. 

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