By Cami Gore

Within the span of eighteen months, pop singer, Ariana Grande went through more than most people experience in a lifetime. Twenty-two of her fans lost their lives from a terrorist attack at one of her concerts, Mac Miller passed away-which many people blamed her for, and her engagement with Pete Davidson failed. Her latest single “thank u, next” released on November 3, 2018, does not seem to reflect this pain at all.  

In this song, Grande reflects on her past relationships. She considers everything that her relationships taught her and how they shaped her into who she is today. For this, she repeats “Thank u, next/I’m so f***ing grateful for me ex.”

“Thank u, next” has received extremely positive feedback from her fans on social media. However, in my opinion, the song seems a bit insensitive. Her first verse addresses exes Sean, Ricky, Pete, and Malcolm. In my opinion, it was inconsiderate to group Mac Miller in with her other exes.

West Virginia University freshman sociology major, Grace Foreback agrees stating, “She should not have put Mac’s name in the song at all because his story was extremely dark. If she wanted to put him in a song, she shouldn’t group him in with all her exes.”

Nevertheless, I am impressed that despite everything Grande has been through, she is still able to produce exceptional art. I can not help but think, however, that “thank u, next” was not the best outlet for expressing the recent events that she has been through. It comes off as her continuing to put up a strong front and mask the pain.

Camryn Bowcutt, a sophomore in the prestigious songwriting program at Belmont University adds, “Those don’t feel like her real emotions to me. She’s trying to put off this persona that she doesn’t care. It would’ve been more compelling to do a raw, emotional, Adele-like song.”

Grande does emphasize that her current relationship status is working on her relationship with herself. She sings, “But this one gon’ last/’Cause her name is Ari/And I’m so good with that.” Through that, she expresses a light-hearted way to get through a break-up, evoking a positive response in fans.

University of Maryland freshman special education major, Jessica Thompson stated, “I think everyone expected Ariana to take a long break from music after all she’s been through…her unexpected response with ‘thank u, next’ encompasses her relentless attitude towards life.”

Grande’s single absolutely has moments of empowerment. Additionally, it does spread positive messages relating to moving on and bettering oneself. However, my sources and I agreed that it was not the most ideal timing for Grande to come out with a song like “thank u, next.”
Featured Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Ariana Grande’s facebook page

Cami Gore is a freshman journalism and dance major and can be reached at

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  1. My relationship ended about 2 months ago. This song has helped me a lot. 99.999% of breakup songs have sad or angry or vengeful lyrics, and a lot of them seem to be inspired by unhealthy and insecure relationships. Most of them describe needy behavior and reactions. They are heartwrenching and triggering and difficult to listen to when you’re trying to move on from a lost love (see: Adele’s entire catalog). I love Thank U Next and I wish there were more songs like it. The lyrics reflect the correct and mature approach to a breakup. It’s unlike any breakup song I’ve heard and a good reminder to me that every ex is a learning experience. I agree that the timing seems early but the message holds up

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