In the College Park Shopping Center, junior computer engineering major Alex Opataoji dresses as “Holy Cow.” Junior finance major Nazea Khan uses the Arthur fist meme to explain her frustration “when people ask me if I wear my hijab in the shower.”
Thot Patrol was present and on watch in Chipotle in College Park, MD.
A Chipotle worker dressed as a cat chops up some chicken in downtown College Park.
Junior public policy and communications major Jonathan Garcia heads down to Route 1 as the Phantom of the Opera.
Freshman Arthur Nissen walks through south campus as a giraffe.
Senior economics major Gabriel Seidu dressed as Julius Irving yells in excitement after seeing dressed as Heisenberg from Breaking Bad outside of South Campus Commons.
Arsalan Babar, a sophomore economics major, donned a Yoshi hat while waiting in line at Cornerstone Bar & Grill on Route 1.
Criminal justice and accounting major Vinnie Heher wears a taco hat outside of Bents on Route 1.
Miguel Aguilar and Alex Ramirez, dressed as Narcos characters, teamed up outside of Cornerstone with Henry Wang and Ronit Das, dressed as Harold and Kumar.
Devin Craig channels the spirit of Maryland with his Old Bay costume with a Playboy bunny and soldier by his side.
Four boys from the 1970s arrived 40 years later outside of Bents.
A devil, an angel, Violet from the Incredibles and a banana wait outside of a bar…
Mechanical engineering major John Carter hits Route 1 cleanly and cleverly as a domino.
Sophomore marketing and supply chain major Cody Waring wore a Hard and Long batting coach jersey while Mason Trippe, a sophomore business major, dressed up as a pickle outside of Bents.

Connor Senay is a junior broadcast journalism and French major and can be reached at connorsenay@gmail.com 

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