By Taneen Momeni

Duckwrth’s “The Falling Man Tour” stopped at MilkBoy ArtHouse on Oct. 24, his 12th performance of the tour to date.  

The College Park show opened with sets from DMV native Nature Boi, Oakland-raised G.L.A.M. and Queens-born Deem Spencer. All three of these artists promoted new songs from their respective albums, while attempting to get the audience to vibe and dance to the music — contributing to the theme of the night.

Duckwrth entered the stage to excited cheers and clapping; the small venue and stage allowed for a very intimate concert. Duckwrth showcased old songs, while also promoting his new album “An XTRA UUGLY Mixtape.”

His stage setup was small and minimalistic. With lights arranged into a rectangle, Duckwrth was framed while colors changed periodically to match the mood of each song.

He began the concert by throwing it back to some older songs, testing the audience’s loyalty. After realizing they may have gone back a little too far, Duckwrth and his two-person band decided to play a more recent hit of his, “Psycho.” Hearing this familiar song hyped up the audience and energy increased.

He continued to go through his set, playing songs from “I’M UUGLY” and “An XTRA UUGLY MIXTAPE,” asking for more dancing from the audience after each number.

Duckwrth and his band took a break for a few minutes as he tied his shoe, and bassist Aneesa Strings filled the silence by freestyling about what Duckwrth was doing, getting a big reaction from the audience.

After playing staple songs like “I’M DEAD” and “THROWYOASSOUT,” Duckwrth toned it down and requested that we take a moment to pay tribute to the late Mac Miller, Aretha Franklin, and finally Michael Jackson. Duckwrth explained how Jackson inspired him as an artist and that men don’t have to fall into the stereotype of toxic masculinity. From this he went into his most popular song, “MICHUUL.”

Duckwrth finished off the night by dapping up various audience members and performing a very energy-filled rendition of “RUUUN.” With jumping and dancing from everyone in the venue, he left the audience with the feeling that not only did they just experience a great musical show, but they also were able to contribute to such a lively event.

Featured Photo Credit: Duckwrth on stage at MilkBoy ArtHouse Oct. 24 (Taneen Momeni/Bloc Reporter).

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