By Cami Gore

On Oct. 4, Troye Sivan will be lighting up The Anthem in D.C. with his catchy, emotional and diverse songs. The event is all ages, beginning at 7:30 p.m., with doors opening at 6 p.m. The South African singer, finding fame on YouTube, is expected to put on a show that will make you say “My My My!

I first became a Troye Sivan fan when looking for a song to choreograph a dance combination to. I came across “The Fault in Our Stars” from “TRXYE,” released in 2014. I was inspired by the innocent, genuine lyrics on top of the powerful background beats. What initially inspired me about Sivan’s music continues to be reflected in Sivan’s latest album, “Bloom.” Examples of Sivan’s innocent and genuine lyrics are most evident in “The Good Side” from the album. Sivan sings, “I’m sure we’ll meet in the spring/And catch up on everything…You taught me the ropes and taught me to love.”

What really set Sivan’s career off was single “Youth,” which peaked at No. 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. “Youth” has a catchy rhythm with electronic-sounding instruments. The lyrics reflect the idea of giving one’s youth away to their first love. The simple and repetitive lyrics let the instrumental backing track shine and Sivan’s rich tone show through.

Most recently, and certainly to the excitement of his fans, Sivan collaborated with Ariana Grande for the hit song “Dance to This” on his new album. The song is upbeat and sexy. It will absolutely get fans up and dancing at the concert. The changing rhythms keep the song interesting, especially the brief moment where there are solely drum beats with Sivan and Grande speak-singing “I don’t wanna sleep tonight n-night-night.”

Touring with Troye Sivan is German singer-songwriter Kim Petras and Leland who recently had a few songs featured on the soundtrack for “Sierra Burgess is a Loser.” The music from all three artists can be classified as electronic dance-pop. This live show is sure to be filled with emotion and energy. I am most excited to feel the vibes from the strong and differing beats, mixed with all of the artists’ beautiful tones. Save the date and buy your tickets, because this is one concert you won’t want to miss.

Featured Photo Credit: Courtesy of Troye Sivan’s Facebook page.

Cami Gore is a freshman journalism and dance major and can be reached at

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