By Jackie Budko

The usual sound of clashing helmets and cheering crowds of Maryland’s football stadium was replaced with mellow music on May 6 for a morning of destressing in the form of downward dog and child’s pose.

Gold’s Gym and Maryland Athletics teamed up to bring this university’s students and faculty together at Capital One Field at Maryland Stadium for beginner’s yoga before the start of final exams.

Cheryl Glang, a district fitness coach from Gold’s Gym at its new location in Riverdale Park, taught the class with adaptability in mind.

“Yoga should be something that someone at any level can do, I wouldn’t call this event beginner’s yoga,” Glang said. “I would say today’s level was beginner’s flow, which starts at a beginner’s level and adapts to how well the participants are doing.”

The cloudy morning did not deter the yogis of all levels of experience from standing in warrior’s pose and plank position.

“I only starting doing yoga last semester and I love it. I think it’s a great idea to have it in an open space like the football field,” said Marshaé Cappaninee, a freshman biochemistry major. “I think yoga can release a lot of tension and it was a great idea to have [the event] right before finals.”

A more experienced yogi, senior public health science major Rachel Davis said she has been doing yoga for the past seven years and was glad to take advantage of a free yoga session.

“I saw it in an email and was excited to be able to do yoga in a different kind of setting on the football field,” she said.

Mary Montano and Francis Flores from Gold’s Gym said they hope to partner with Maryland Athletics for future events.

“We are hoping to be at more athletics events in the future, like basketball and football games,” Flores said. “We hope to have tables at these events giving away three-month memberships and other promotions for the Riverdale Park location.”

The Riverdale Park location is the closest location to the university, about a 10-minute drive, he said.

“A lot of the students who go to Eppley have had different feedback about it, so we wanted to give them an opportunity to work out differently,” Flores said. “Most students have told us the same thing — that it’s always crowded and not as clean.”

Montano said what makes Gold’s Gym different is that there are staff always with you.

“We are basically going to be there every step of the way, and we actually want to help you achieve your goals,” she said. “Most of the other gyms in the area can make you feel like you are there by yourself. We want to be able to provide that extra support.”

In addition to extra staff, Montano said Gold’s Gym has more amenities and services than local competition like Planet Fitness and LA Fitness. To be a member at Gold’s Gym, there is a $50 enrollment fee, then $50 a month.

Featured Photo Credit: Courtesy of AndiP’s Pixabay account.

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