By Aisha Sharipzhan 

Psychedelic indie-rock band Grizzly Bear has made an impressive comeback with their fifth album “Painted Ruins” after a five-year breather.

The Brooklyn band will be bringing their signature vocal harmonies and electronic tones to Washington, D.C. at The Anthem Nov. 8.

Co-lead vocalist Ed Droste started the band in 2002 as a solo project, choosing the name “Grizzly Bear” from a nickname for an old boyfriend, according to an interview with BrooklynVegan.  

Grizzly Bear made their debut with album “Horn of Plenty” in 2004, described by Pitchfork as “lo-fi campfire serenades and gentle, nocturnal pysch-folk.” In 2006, Grizzly Bear released “Yellow House,” the first record to feature all four band members, including Droste, co-lead vocalist Daniel Rossen, bassist Chris Taylor and percussionist Christopher Bear.

After touring with English rock band Radiohead, Grizzly Bear released their third album “Veckatimest” in 2009. During their 2008 tour, Radiohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood declared his love for Grizzly Bear on stage, a huge compliment to the American band whose newest album is often compared to the timeless treasure that is Radiohead.

Grizzly Bear’s melancholic music is featured in 2010 indie film “Blue Valentine,” featuring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, and also in the 2008 British TV show “Skins.”

Five years after 2012 album “Shields,” Grizzly Bear’s latest album, “Painted Ruins,” is a powerful return with even more emotional, hypnotic, experimental melodies. As most indie bands fall into recycling the same sounds throughout the years, Grizzly Bear stays fresh and unpredictable with their harmonious layers, producing sensual, sensory music.  

Tickets are available here to see Grizzly Bear at The Anthem Nov. 8.

Featured Photo Credit: Courtesy of Grizzly Bear’s Facebook page.

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