By Setota Hailemariam

Imagine listening to the Beach Boys’ “Surfin’ USA” in the middle of December. You can’t, right? Though you can — and should — listen to music year-round (with the exceptions of Christmas carols and “Monster Mash”), some songs just sound better during certain seasons.

Now that fall has finally arrived, here are some songs to get you ready for the season. They’re all chill like the temperature, but there’s a different one for every fall mood.

  1. Chamber of Reflection” – Mac Demarco

This doesn’t happen so much in the later autumn months, but currently, it’ll be sweater weather in the morning and hot later on in the day. This song perfectly matches that duality, with the cold of its haunting chorus and theme of loneliness, but sprinkles of sunlight with synths.

  1. Best Part” – Daniel Caesar (feat. H.E.R.)

Two of the best voices in modern rhythm and blues, Daniel Caesar and H.E.R., have come together for this breathtaking collab. The gentle guitar and their harmony make you feel like you’re around a fire, while someone you love serenades you — and what’s more fall than a bonfire?

  1. Hey Ya (cover)” – Obadiah Parker

A cover, when done right, is a beautiful thing. Not only is this cover of the classic OutKast jam executed beautifully, it’s perfect for the fall. The combination of Parker’s voice and the strumming of the guitar is a hot mug of tea come to life.

  1. Favorite” – denitia and sene.

This electro-inspired R&B duo are up and coming (read last year’s profile of them here), and make fantastic mood music. This track is perfect for those brooding, dark nights where you just want to put on your headphones, curl into a ball and relax.

  1. Frozen” – Sabrina Claudio

Fall is often humorously described as “cuffing season” — a time where it seems like everyone is either getting into a relationship or desperately wanting to be in one. This song captures the romance of the season, of staying in with your lover while the world keeps turning outside.

  1. Trouble” – Ray LaMontagne

Simultaneously mellow and cheerful, this song is about being treated right by your partner — keeping with the cuffing season theme. At the very least, it’ll make you hope for a love like the one LaMontagne howls about; at most, it’ll make you yearn for it.

  1. Higher Love (cover)” – James Vincent McMorrow

McMorrow has given this ‘80s record a quiet, introspective twist, truly making it his own. The soft piano chords are well suited for a rainy autumn day.

  1. Warwick Avenue” – Duffy

Duffy is a powerhouse in blue-eyed soul. Most are familiar with her 2008 hit, “Mercy”, but not as many are aware of this gem on the same album. An empowering anthem, this song rises and falls and is another good rainy day tune.

  1. Sunrise” – Norah Jones

Jones really outdid herself on this record. How it can comfort you and make you want to cry at the same time is a mystery, but repeated listening helps you get closer to solving it. The beauty of bright red and gold autumn leaves don’t hold a candle to this song.

  1. Cranes in the Sky” – Solange

It doesn’t matter how many times it was on replay last year after Solange released “A Seat at the Table” in September, this song will never get old. Ever. Just like how the leaves will change color and it’ll start getting dark at 6 p.m., it’s a fact of life.

Fall is a great season, and deserves great music to go with it. Happy listening!

Featured Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nan Palmero’s Flickr account.

Setota Hailemariam is a sophomore journalism major and can be reached at

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