By Aisha Sharipzhan

Blinding lights and deafening synth took over The 9:30 Club Sept. 30 as Crystal Castles prepared to dominate the venue.

The Canadian electronic-music duo delivered an intoxicating performance during their sold-out show.

Despite the controversy surrounding the replacement of former frontwoman Alice Glass, 21-year old Edith Frances embodied the sound of Crystal Castles with her dynamic and raucous vocal range.

Wearing smudged red lipstick, out-of-place sunglasses and a beret, Frances provided the shrill vocals to their opening song “Baptism” from the band’s second studio album.

The crowd responded to the chaotic synth with ecstatic dance and a mosh pit. Edith and producer Ethan Kath served a night of heat, sweat and not giving a damn, prompting Frances to pour water over her neon green hair and into the jumping crowd.

The duo transitioned from one abrupt noise to the next and spoke to the crowd through their hair-raising music rather than pausing to talk.

In sync with the smoke and strobe lights, singles from their latest album Amnesty (I)Frail,” “Concrete,” “Char” and “Fleece” were a nauseating yet thrilling experience that seemingly took over the crowd’s minds and bodies.

Their set also included music from before Frances’ time with Crystal Castles such as the popular single “Not in love,” a cover of Platinum Blonde’s song from the 80s. Frances took control of the song that originally had vocals provided by The Cure’s Robert Smith.

Crystal Castles came and went like a bright thunderstorm, leaving the venue in sweaty, adrenaline-buzzed awe as the duo exited the stage without a word.

Featured Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lisa A. Walker for the 9:30 Club

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