By Miranda Rosen

As this year’s Stamp’s All-Niter headliner, K. Flay was tasked with entertaining a group of energetic college students on a Friday night, and she most certainly did not disappoint. After student-band Rent Party opened earlier in the night, K. Flay came onstage to resounding cheers from the crowd, some of whom had been waiting in the ballroom for over an hour to be in the front row. Her unique style perfectly fit in with the All-Niter vibe—alternative, rock and hip-hop all perfectly blended into a genre that doesn’t really fit under any one category.

The Stanford grad connected with each and every one of the audience members, stopping periodically to address the crowd (and give a shoutout to Rent Party, which elicited excited screams from the band members themselves). After nearly two hours of singing her heart accompanied by nonstop dancing around the stage, you would think K. Flay would have been exhausted—but she exited the stage with as big a smile as when she first stepped on.

With a promise to be back soon, the singer left the audience with one of the best performances the All-Niter has ever seen, and a hard act to top for next year’s performer.

Featured Photo Credit: K. Flay seemed to be having just as much fun as her audience. She danced and jumped around the stage with seemingly boundless energy all night. (Miranda Rosen/Bloc Photographer)

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