By Talia Dennis

Country singer Thomas Rhett released his fourth album Friday, Sept. 8, titled Life Changes. The album focuses on different aspects in Rhett’s life such as his marriage, fatherhood and getting older. Rhett’s ability to create relatable and passion-filled music makes him an instant favorite.

Life Changes contains 14 songs, each bringing a unique aspect to the album.

I spent the morning of Sept. 8 thoroughly enjoying some songs and feeling indifferent about others.

“Drink A Little Beer” is fun to listen to because it features dialogue between Rhett and his father while they were recording the song. Their enjoyment of playing together is apparent in this more traditional country style song.

The album kicks off on a high note with “Craving You” with its beautiful harmonies and upbeat tempo.

Sweetheart,” which sings like a love letter to Rhett’s wife, resembles the music my mom grew up on: the oldies. The combination of style and lyrics is a metaphor for long-lasting love. Rhett and his wife started off as childhood friends before marrying in 2012. The small details add another layer of emotion, which propel this song to success.

In my favorite song “Sixteen,” Rhett reminisces about how he felt looking forward to different milestone in life.

Rhett perfectly captures the anticipation of reaching a certain age and for him to reflect on that at this point in his life a perfect touch for the song.

Life Changes” is perfect for the title of the album because of how personal it is with his family and even his career.

The song grew on me after I realized the personal experiences Rhett includes in the lyrics. He sings about how things happen unexpectedly, but they end up being just what he wanted. I cannot help but applaud and enjoy his ability to tell several stories in one song.

Rhett’s passion and personal experiences enhance the album and his performance. His songs demonstrate a variety of styles that complement the themes of his lyrics. He is currently on his first solo tour.

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