By Jordan Stovka

D.C.’s Rock And Roll Hotel fell silent the night of June 23.

The very air of Margaret Glaspy mesmerized the audience; the raspy bluesy tones pouring from her lungs and the grungy, reverb guitar riffs filled every auditory space in the venue, not leaving enough room for the sound of a pin to drop.

The New York City singer/songwriter recently celebrated her debut album Emotions And Math, a bluntly honest record infused with pleasantly solemn tones and dark distortion.

After a surprisingly punk set by close friends Alexander F, Glaspy quieted the venue before the spotlight even revealed her silhouette. The sold-out crowd was intently focused on the 27-year-old as she floated through tracks off the record like “Parental Guidance,” “Situation,” the acclaimed “You And I” as well as new, unnamed tracks.

Glaspy’s “idgaf” aura brimmed every throaty melody and guitar solo on the vintage replica, leaving her fans questioning the possibilities of a Janis Joplin incarnate.

Featured Photo Credit: Margaret Glaspy brought New York City blues rock to D.C.’s Rock And Roll Hotel Friday Night, in celebration of her debut record “Emotions and Math” (Jordan Stovka/Bloc Reporter).

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