ViewFinder Capstone Shows Strong Women, Opioid Crisis in Powerful Documentaries

By Emilie Fleuette

A semester’s worth of research, shooting and editing finally came to a close May 10 at the ViewFinder final screening. Journalism students in Bethany Swain’s capstone class presented their stories to a large audience at the Architecture building on this campus.

The screening had two segments, one sharing the stories of strong women. Among them was a transgender woman who had to leave her home country, a mother of a child with disabilities and a survivor of the holocaust.

Stories depicting the opioid crisis in Anne Arundel County came next. Graduate studentJojo Dominick and senior Danté Evans interviewed a long-time addict on the path to getting clean. Other stories took the audience into a jail, on a 911-overdose call and into the lives of the children of addicts.

A second screening of the opioid epidemic documentary will be shown at the Pascal Center for the Performing Arts in Arnold, Maryland, on Wednesday, May 17.

Featured Photo Credit: ViewFinder student Hannah Burton, senior journalism major, presents instructor Bethany Swain with flowers at the ViewFinder final screening on Wednesday, May 10, 2017. (Emilie Fleuette/Bloc Photographer)

Emilie Fleuette is a senior broadcast journalism major and can be reached at

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