By Allison O’Reilly

Foster The People dropped three new songs with EP III April 27 — their first release since their 2014 album Supermodel.

Supermodel, though not as popular and recognizable as their debut album Torches, was good enough to leave fans on the edge of their seat for the past three years awaiting this new EP.

III includes, you guessed it, three songs titled “Pay the Man,” “Doing It for the Money” and “S.H.C.”

These tracks showcase Foster The People’s strengths – a techno heavy sound topped with lead singer Mark Foster’s unique vocals. The band’s sound is very distinct, and this EP definitely doesn’t stray from that.

“Doing It for the Money” is the strongest song on the EP with empowering lyrics like “I am never going to change who I am. I won’t bend under the pressure” set to memorable, synth heavy music. It’s easy to imagine the quartet rocking out to this song on the Lollapalooza stage when they hit the festival this summer or on their upcoming world tour.

“S.H.C.” reminds me of my personal favorite Foster The People song, “Helena Beat” from their debut album, because it’s upbeat and easy to dance to. There is a strategic use of a simple bass line to lead into the exciting, hectic chorus.

“Pay The Man” channels the classic, eerie Foster The People we all know and love from their breakout hit “Pumped Up Kicks” by utilizing voice modification, only adding to Foster’s recognizable sound.

Naturally, this release didn’t come without some drama.

The artwork for III has come into question for being strikingly similar to that of pop-punk band Every Time I Die’s 2016 album Low Teens. Every Time I Die is significantly less popular than Foster The People, so one can imagine why they’d be upset about the similar fonts used for the two compilations.

Every Time I Die called out the artwork on Twitter, but no serious action has been taken against Foster The People, yet.

Despite this minor issue with III, the EP is strong and promising for the future of the band.

Though Foster The People haven’t announced a release date for their new album, III is a good indicator that we’re in for a treat.

Featured Photo Credit: Feature photo credit courtesy of Foster The People on Facebook.

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