By Heather Kim

Snaps, roaring laughter, low hums of approval – these were just a few sounds that filled Stamp’s Atrium last night at the first ever joint Queer and Asian American Monologues. This year, the month of April has been dedicated to both Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPIHM) and Pride Month.

The office of Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy (MICA), SGA and the Asian American Student Union (AASU) sponsored a night full of performances and poetry to celebrate the endless intersections of both communities.

The evening began with poems and spoken word pieces from students. All works surrounded the themes of Pride Month and AAPIHM: “Strive. Thrive. Resist.” and “From Silence to Strength.” The passion was palpable in the room as each performer recited pieces that hit close to home for many in the audience, some attendees even shedding a few tears.

The night ended with a highlight performance from Kay Ulanday Barrett, a widely respected poet, author and advocate. Barrett spoke volumes with his pieces surrounding his experiences with being brown, trans and disabled. With hints of humor and unapologetic realness, Barrett captivated the whole audience with his pieces.

Overall, it was a night of resistance. A night of survival. Within this current political climate, a sense of community is a necessity. To many of those who attended this event, the space provided that necessity.

Featured Photo Credit: Kay Ulanday Barrett, a published spoken word poet, performs a set of poems speaking to the experiences of gender, ethnicity, and ableism. (Heather Kim/Bloc Photographer)

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