By Josh Loock

Condoms were everywhere. On the tables, on the chairs, around the judging booth, and most importantly, on the models. At the 2017 Condom Fashion Show, condoms were used in varying creative ways to make fashionable outfits to walk in down the runway. Comprised of multiple different colors and pinned at different places, these rubber outfits were truly unique and supported the cause of furthering sex education.

Multiple booths were set up in Stamp’s Colony Ballroom, ranging from the LGBT Equity Center at the University of Maryland, to booths promoting birth control and STI testing. There were three judges in charge of choosing the best dressed contestant, all of whom received prizes for their participation in the event. In the end, the winner was Catherine Cassell, a freshman physics and astro science major.

Featured Photo Credit: Catherine Cassell, a freshman physics and astroscience major, shows off her fashionable outfit made entirely from condoms. (Josh Loock/Bloc Photographer)

Josh Loock is a senior journalism major and can be reached at

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