By Monica Pizzo

Flashback to the ‘80s and ‘90s rock scene where you saw women pioneering the punk, grunge and garage movements. Today, you see just as many inspiring women in music, but many are singer-songwriters, R&B, pop and everything else in between. What we rarely see today are young women getting involved in the traditionally-male world of rock music. But Hinds is breaking that mold with every note they play.

Hinds is an all-girl, garage-rock quartet that is killing every aspect of the game, from their stylistically unique music to their bouncey, fun-loving personalities. Their overall vibe is hard to capture in words alone, but their message is clear: “Go pussies!”

That catchphrase came as a joke, according to Hinds singer and guitarist Ana Garcia Perrote. It is meant to empower women, meaning all women, including transgender women. She told Pigeons and Planes in an interview that “‘go pussies’ is a mix between a joke and what’s happening to us right now. We never started this band with a goal of fighting for women’s rights or something, we just wanted to do music and share it. We wanted to avoid, in all aspects, the fact that we were girls. But little by little we are realizing that women are extremely fucked in this world.”

They represent all the women trying to break into the rock scene, especially being the young women they are. Hinds is bringing back the heart of the garage-rock movement that exemplifies being one’s own self, creating genuine, good music and doing it while being badass women.

The Madrid natives formed in 2011 under the name Deers with only two members: singer and lead guitarist Carlotta Cosials and Perrote. They added bassist Ade Martin and drummer Amber Grimbergen in 2015, which is when their band truly took off.

Hinds only just released their first full album in 2016, called Leave Me Alone, which they performed on a tour of North America last year. The album features tracks “Garden” and “Chili Town” that both exemplify the bands deliberately low-fi sound. This thought of sound is apparent in each and every track — from their beachy guitar to their almost whiny vocals. They also incorporate Spanish throughout their songs, which creates an incredible juxtaposition of sound that forces you to listen to the whole picture rather than just the words (unless you can speak Spanish, of course).

Hinds manages to create an ambience in their music that is unique to them alone. It makes you want to take a drive on a hot summer day with the windows down, party at a concert or stargaze under the warm summer-night sky. Their music takes you on a journey in each beat and makes it hard not to love them.

The honesty in their music is reflected in how they run their band. Although they are a “baby band,” as Cosials described in an interview with Dummy Magazine, they run every little aspect of their sound, production and even social media.

Cosials also said in that interview: “We know every little thing that is going on with Hinds. We have total control of everything we do, so don’t talk to us like that or try and change us. That’s why the album is called Leave Me Alone. We’re young, and we’ll listen to you, but we’re probably not going to heed to your instructions.”

This total control is visible in their sound and overall vibe. They are truly pioneering every aspect of rock music as young women, defying odds and sticking to their guns no matter what. They are an inspiring group that will move you with their lyrics and sound to be truly and authentically yourself.

To experience this incredible and fun-loving band of young women, they are on Spotify. Hinds also creates some amazing music videos, which allows you to experience their realness first hand. These young women are not ones to miss. Keep an eye out for them.

Featured Photo Credit: Feature photo credit courtesy of Hinds on Facebook.

Monica Pizzo is a freshman journalism major and can be reached at 

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