By Talia Dennis and Taylor Markey

It has been a while since Taste-T has gone to review a restaurant. Spring break happened, but we were determined to get back on track when we returned.

It was not a Tuesday, but that didn’t stop us from eating at a place called Super Tacos & Bakery (Warning: the music on this website is loud), located at 1762 Columbia Rd NW. We highly recommend going to the website and listening to their jingle, at the very least.

This small restaurant has a casual vibe and was busy at lunch time. Most people seemed to take their food to go, possibly due to limited seating.

There were many options for food, all sounding absolutely delicious.

Two cases with different toppings to choose from, such as jalapeños, tomatoes and radishes, were on one side of the restaurant.

The Quesadilla Mexicana is $6.25. (Talia Dennis/Bloc Reporter)

Taylor: I ordered the Quesadilla Mexicana with salsa roja and chicken ($6.25). For the quesadilla, there are several options to choose from. There is a choice of salsa roja or verde. I also picked up a Mexican Coke ($2) from the fridge display next to the cash register.
Shortly after embarrassing myself trying to open my Coke bottle (there is a necessary bottle opener at the cash register), I got my quesadilla! It looked absolutely amazing. The tortilla tasted freshly made. The outside had kind of a crunchy texture, but when I bit into it, it was extremely soft and warm. In addition to the previously listed choices, the quesadilla also had cilantro and cheese in it.

The quesadilla seemed like a decent portion to me. I was full before I even finished eating it.

Two chicken Gringo tacos are $2.75 each.
(Talia Dennis/Bloc Reporter)

Talia: When I eat tacos at home, I usually keep it very simple. I have beef, cheese and sour cream in a flour tortilla. At restaurants, I generally order the same type of tacos. The only variation is chicken (instead of beef) as my protein and lettuce.

Given my typical taco preference, it should not be a surprise I ordered something similar. The Gringo tacos ($2.75 each) seemed like they were made just for me. There was the option of chicken or beef, and I chose chicken. It also comes with lettuce, tomato and two slices of radish.  A slice of lime is also served on the plate.

My biggest worry when I eat Mexican food is that it will be too spicy because I have a sensitive palette. My tacos were not overly spicy. While I could definitely tell there was some spice, I did not feel I had to stop and let my mouth cool down.

The sauce from the chicken also was perfectly portioned. My tacos were not too soggy or dry — which I had worried about since I did not order any sour cream.

I found two tacos to be filling, but I wish I had ordered more because I’m craving them for dinner.

Final Remarks: Super Tacos & Bakery is perfect for a college student’s budget. Our only problem is since it is not a sit-and-talk restaurant, we spent more time walking to and from the place than we spent eating.

Next time we go, we will do takeout and order dessert. They have different cakes, such as tres leches, strawberry shortcake and mocha. There is also flan and bread pudding. As we looked over the menu again, we could not help but plan out our next trip.
Featured Photo Credit: The Quesadilla Mexicana is $6.25. (Talia Dennis/Bloc Reporter)


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