By Joe Duffy

Amidst the crushing realities of politics, schoolwork and modern life in general, the chance to unplug and unwind for an hour is not one to be passed upon.

Run by this university’s Recreation & Wellness Division and hosted by The Clarice, students were treated to a night of yoga and live musical accompaniment. For a little over an hour, the entirety of the Grand Pavilion at the entrance of The Clarice was covered in a tessellation of yoga mats, making the traversal of this normally enormous space all but impossible.

The event was open to students, faculty and yogi of all levels. While marketing for this event seemed minimal, the turnout of about 40 people could not have been less representative of that fact.

While RecWell staff Tami Bergan and Grace Tietz instructed from the head of the crowd, just a few feet from them sat a four-piece orchestra: The Anacostia String Quartet. In an attempt to make the already soothing act of yoga even more so, the entire hour of instruction was accompanied by the dulcet tones of classical music.

The product of the night was a satisfied crowd and a successful program, one that will hopefully see a return to the university community in the near future.

Featured Photo Credit: In the classes final moments, student return to their initial resting position; an apt bookend to a relaxing hour. (Joe Duffy/Bloc Photographer)

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