By Jordan Stovka

Wearing a basic red button up, black pants and white high-top Vans, Steve Marion didn’t appear to be anything special from the crowd of those herding themselves into Baltimore’s Metro Gallery Friday night.

He stood in the back of the room by the bar as opening acts Soul Cannon and Eric Slick prepared the stage, merely observing.

Under the name Delicate Steve, however, Marion is anything but average. The New Jersey songwriter/guitarist is known for his knack of layering complex licks and riffs over loops, reverb and tremolo effects to create a uniquely fascinating auditory experience for his listeners.

Marion took the stage before an already energetic crowd and kicked off the night on a high note with rock-inspired melodies intricately pouring from the tips of his fingers. His lean stature towered over his audience, holding their utmost attention for the entirety of the night.

Ringing shouts of “Delicaaaate” echoed throughout the venue as Marion wove his way through tracks from his latest album This Is Steve, released earlier this year. Excited screams were evoked during energetic tracks, like “Winners,” “Animals” and “Tomorrow,” and bodies were flailing in response to the sound.

The near-psychedelia flowing from Marion’s guitar was a phenomena in and of itself, achieving an invisible charisma powerful enough to control his audience on demand, having them jump, clap hands, widen smiles and at even at one point, fall to their knees. Simply put, the evening was nothing short of wholesome fun.

Delicate Steve had a way with words, it seemedeven if his songs had none.

Featured Photo Credit: Guitarist and songwriter Steve Marion (Delicate Steve) concentrates on his fingerings as he performs an fantastical instrumental set at Baltimore’s Metro Gallery Friday, March 10, 2017. (Jordan Stovka/Bloc Reporter)

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