By Cassie Osvatics 

After keeping fans waiting for their sophomore album for just shy of five years, LA-based band Electric Guest released Plural on Feb. 17. In short, the album stayed true to what made the band unique while experimenting a little instrumentally and is highly danceable. The album did not disappoint, and neither did their performance at U Street Music Hall Wednesday night.

The band opened with “Waves” from their first album Mondo, also a highly danceable album. Lead singer Asa Taccone proved this with his constant dancing about the stage, even flinging his bracelet off his wrist because he was dancing so much during “Oh Devil” toward the end of their set. Paired with his beautifully soulful voice and incredible range, he kept both the crowd and his band members smiling throughout the show.

Taccone addressed the crowd pretty frequently throughout, thanking their opener Chaos Chaos, saying, “We gotta pass the torch to women, men have been fucking it up for way too long,” a nice sentiment from the band in regard to International Women’s Day.

Another song later, he talked about how they hadn’t released an album in five years and they were excited to be sharing new music before performing “This Head I Hold” from Mondo. Once the song was over, Taccone began to speak again about how grateful he was for their fans, at which point one held up a piece of paper with Taccone’s autograph on it from a few years ago.

After asking if she could get on stage, Taccone helped her climb up and she danced with him throughout “Over.” In all the concerts I’ve been to, I’ve never seen a happier fan. As she climbed off the stage, he thanked her for not being as rowdy as another fan that came up during a Kansas City show and ended up knocking things over.  

The band closed out with “Holes” as their encore, and their fan from before joined them once again, bringing even more smiles to the sold out show.

Electric Guest will be touring with support from Chaos Chaos in the U.S. until the end of March before heading over to Europe.

Featured Photo Credit: Lead singer of LA band Electric Guest, Asa Taccone, performs at U Street Music Hall in D.C. Pictured in back, touring keyboard player and guitarist (left) and drummer Matthew Compton (right). (Cassie Osvatics/Bloc Reporter)

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