By Talia Dennis and Taylor Markey

After a rough week filled with exams, papers and Taylor getting shut in a shuttle bus door, we thought we deserved some comfort food–grilled cheese to be specific.

We found a restaurant called the GCDC Grilled Cheese Bar at 1730 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.

We got to the restaurant at about 12:30 p.m. and were welcomed with a smell that reminded us of home–a sign these sandwiches were going to be done right. A hostess quickly greeted and seated us with their weekend menu, which has fewer options than their weekday menu.

A waiter brought us two glasses of water and a fancy bottle for refills.

The place was full during our lunch. As we were leaving, the hostess told the people who came in that it would be about a 10 to 15-minute wait.

Our food came within five minutes, and the sandwiches and sides were served on slate plates.

The Bacon Jalapeño Popper with crispy tots is $14. (Taylor Markey/Bloc Reporter)
The Bacon Jalapeño Popper with crispy tots is $14. (Taylor Markey/Bloc Reporter)

Taylor: I got the The Bacon Jalapeño Popper, which includes a “four cheese blend and goat cheese with bacon on jalapeño cheddar bread served with buffalo sauce and ranch dip.” The ranch served as a perfect contrast to the jalapeños. Each sandwich comes with a side, and I chose the crispy tots.

The tater tots were not my favorite, but a little bit of ketchup made them taste like regular tots.  

The bacon was absolutely delicious. It was cut into small pieces, and each bite was not overpowered by the usual saltiness of bacon. The goat cheese was an excellent and very fancy touch. I feel like if I was a queen and I asked for a grilled cheese, I would be served this sandwich. It was buttery and cooked perfectly.

The DC Classic is $12 and the side of Mac & Cheese was $1 more. (Talia Dennis/Bloc Reporter)
The DC Classic is $12 and the side of Mac & Cheese was $1 more. (Talia Dennis/Bloc Reporter)

Talia: I ordered The DC Classic, which is a mix of four cheddar cheeses with tomato on white bread. There is also an option to add bacon for $2 more. For my side, I had Mac & Cheese for an extra dollar. I was super excited to dig into my food when it arrived, and luckily, I did not have to wait long for it.

The sandwich was cooked very well; the crust was crispy and the rest was a great golden brown. It was the ideal color for a grilled cheese. The most important part, however, was the taste. I think it is my second favorite grilled cheese sandwich–following the occasional, perfectly cooked ones my mom is nice enough to make me at home.

The cheese was melted but did not stick to the slate plate. The tomato was added sparingly, so it was not a tomato and cheese sandwich. However, I felt it was the perfect amount because it didn’t overpower the cheese–the star of the show.

Macaroni and cheese is ranked even higher for comfort foods than grilled cheese for me. I have high expectations for it, despite the amount of instant macaroni and cheeses stored under my bed. GCDC’s Mac & Cheese is baked, rather than made on the stove. There is a great balance of macaroni and cheddar cheese. Also, it felt heavy and light. In conclusion, if I were to describe this item in one word, it would be balanced.

Final Remarks: There were healthier options for sides, like a salad, coleslaw and tomato soup, but we obviously did not choose to be very healthy. Additionally, some sandwiches on each menu are gluten-free upon request.

GCDC is a great place for a quick bite to eat. The wait time for everything is brief, and the food is delicious. The prices are a little high for sandwiches, but they are definitely worth it for a splurge and some comfort from food.

Featured Photo Credit: Feature photo courtesy of GCDC on Facebook.

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