By Jordan Stovka

The sounds of distorted guitars and heavy vocals pierced through the foggy ambience and rich lighting of D.C.’s Rock And Roll Hotel Friday night.

A dense crowd of punk rockers massed into the venue, adorned in their finest ripped denim, thrifted flannels and band t-shirts depicting names and logos of Modern Baseball, Tigers Jaw and Tiny Moving Parts, amongst others, in anticipation for another tier of the pop-punk genre.

Orlando rock group You Blew It! embarked on their first full U.S. tour in two years in celebration of their latest album Abendrot released last November. While the band’s previously heavy rock-driven albums hail to 90’s emo, Abendrot embraces a more somber, almost atmospheric tone.

The most dedicated fans in the crowd embraced this maturation of sound by singing every word of new tracks like “Like Myself.” However, the classics, such as “Match & Tinder”, “Award of the Year Award” and “Medal of Honor,” were well received with head bangs and mild moshing.

Led by lead guitarist and vocalist Tanner Jones, You Blew It! played a consistent mix of old and new tracks, each interwoven with lighthearted anecdotes, snarky Linkin Park references and sincere reminders about the importance of mental health.

Ears continued to ring from the powerful performances of Nashville punk group Free Throw and the South Carolina-based indie rockers All Get Out, but the night concluded with a solo performance of “The Fifties,” a nostalgically solemn track from the group’s debut full-length album Grow Up, Dude.

Jones admitted on stage to not having expected such a large crowd for their D.C. show. However, judging by the observed infatuation and glee depicted on the audience’s faces, You Blew It!’s reputation has amassed a following nothing less than dedicated, always eager for the authentically compelling performance the band guarantees to provide.

Featured Photo Credit: You Blew It! lead singer and guitarist Tanner Jones tunes between songs at the group’s set at Rock and Roll Hotel Friday Feb. 3, 2017 during the band’s first full U.S. tour in two years. (Jordan Stovka/Bloc Reporter)

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