By Monica Pizzo

Donald Glover is a 33-year-old musician, actor, comedian, writer and director who has taken the entertainment world by storm throughout his career. He is a multifaceted artist who apparently has no boundaries to his creative ventures.

He was born at Edwards Air Force Base, California, on Sept. 25, 1983. He was raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia, by his parents Beverly and Donald. He graduated from New York University in 2006 with a degree in dramatic writing. It came in handy, as he wrote for Tina Fey’s comedy show 30 Rock and he now writes and stars in his Grammy-winning television show Atlanta.

The show takes place in Atlanta and follows the story of Earnest Marks as he tries to manage his cousin’s rap career after dropping out of college. Glover said the show is meant to “show people how it felt to be black,” in an interview published by The Advertiser.

Along with his TV show, Glover is taking every angle there is in the entertainment industry, holding multiple roles at once and working on project after project. He currently has roles in the upcoming movies Spider-Man: Homecoming, the live action version of The Lion King and the Han Solo spin-off of the movie franchise Star Wars.

His character for Spider-man: Homecoming has not been released yet, but he is one of many POC actors who will be featured in the film. He will be voicing Simba in the new The Lion King movie, alongside James Earl Jones. Glover will also be playing the character Lando Calrissian in the untitled Han Solo spinoff movie. Calrissian is a smuggler and gambler originally played by Billy Dee Williams in the original Star Wars trilogy.

He has also had roles in movies such as The Martian, The To-Do List, The Lazarus Effect and Magic Mike: XXL. In addition to these movies, he also travelled on a comedy tour for his stand-up show, Weirdo.

Not only is Glover an actor, writer, director and comedian, but he is also a successful musician. He performs under the name Childish Gambino and is popular amongst hip-hop and R&B listeners.

He began his music career in 2006 with a mixtape titled Sick Boi. He released several mixtapes after this while he starred on the show Community and signed to Glassnote Records in 2011. His first album, Camp, was released later that year.

In 2013, he released his second album, Because The Internet, and earned himself a nomination for Best Rap Album at the 2015 Grammy Awards. In 2016, he released his most recent, and arguably his most experimental, album Awaken, My Love!.

Glover’s music career depicts his versatility as an artist, ranging from hard hip-hop and rap tracks to soul and funk songs. He is just as flexible in his various platforms. His acting career features comedic roles to serious and hard-hitting ones.

His writing went from comedy writing for 30 Rock to a more melodramatic, dark-humor style featured in his show Atlanta. His experimentation and willingness to explore different styles in all forms of his artistry truly attests to his creativity as an entertainer.

Glover is an extremely multifaceted artist who delves into all realms of entertainment, looking to create and depict things that are completely new and different. He has accomplished so much already and challenged the idea that artists should stay in one field. We can only hope to see what he brings to us next.

Featured Photo Credit: Feature photo courtesy of Erin on Flickr.

Monica Pizzo is a freshman journalism major and can be reached at 

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