Photo Essay: Annual Black Monologues Dissect Many Layers of Black Culture

By Ayana Archie

The Black Monologues reigned in their seventh year on campus on Friday. Several performers, the majority women, with the exception of one, embraced the stage with a range of topics concerning the black community.

Taking place in Stamp’s Hoff Theater at 8 p.m., the show opened with freshman communications major Kayla Dubose’s “What is a N*gga?,” an exploration of the different uses and variations of the n-word, as well as the stereotypes surrounding the term.

As the event continued, performers recited their poems with passion and conviction, discussing police brutality, last year’s presidential election, environmental racism, code switching, a mother’s sacrifice for her children, the Tuskegee Airmen (also known as the Red Tails) and the symbolism of braids, among many other things.

Featured Photo Credit: Breonna Massey explains what systematic oppression is during the Q&A portion of Black Monologues in the Hoff Theatre. Massey is a junior government and politics major with a minor in law and society and was one of three hosts of the event. (Cassie Osvatics/Bloc Reporter)

Ayana Archie is a freshman journalism major and can be reached at

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