By Talia Dennis and Taylor Markey

If you saw a restaurant had a “cinnamon roll as big as ya head,” would you go? We did.

Washington, D.C. has hundreds of restaurants, and Ted’s Bulletin on 14th St. NW stood out because of this menu item.

We went in for breakfast because the menu says: “limited availability Saturdays and Sundays only!” but they also serve lunch and dinner.

The revolving door leading into the restaurant transported us into a casual atmosphere. The first thing we saw was the bakery and the bar in the front area.

The hostess greeted us and said a table for two would be a 45 to 55 minute wait, which is understandable during a Saturday breakfast rush. However, after about a minute, there was already a table waiting for us.

When another host took us back to the dining area, there were tiny retro TVs over a bar and a large projector toward the back of the restaurant that played classic sitcoms such as I Love Lucy and I Dream of Jeannie. We could barely hear the shows, but they were nice to glance at while eating.

Our waitress was extremely welcoming and helpful. She told us some of the items Ted’s Bulletin is known for, such as the milkshakes. She also mentioned Ted’s tarts, which are like Pop-Tarts, but we chose not to over do it on the sweets.

The "cinnamon roll as big as ya head" was $9.89. (Taylor Markey/Bloc Copyeditor)
The “cinnamon roll as big as ya head” was $9.89. (Taylor Markey/Bloc Copyeditor)

We were certainly shocked by the size of the cinnamon roll, figuring it wasn’t actually going to be “as big as ya head.” Its length could easily be the height of someone’s face. When our waitress put it down, she poured some icing on top and left the server with the remaining icing on our table.

It also came with a sharp knife because it is not the easiest pastry to cut.

We could not possibly finish the whole pastry in one sitting, so there were leftovers. Bonus points for the recyclable to-go boxes rather than the typical styrofoam option.

Taylor: Knowing that I have this cinnamon roll in my fridge is definitely going to make me get up before noon the next morning.

Talia: As a waitress at a family breakfast/lunch restaurant back home, I was impressed with the perfect timing of our food. I felt we waited a reasonable time from when we ordered to when our food was put in front of us.

Jon's Omelet ($12.29) has spinach, mushroom and Swiss cheese. It comes with hashbrowns and a choice of meat. (Taylor Markey/Bloc Copyeditor)
Jon’s Omelet ($12.29) has spinach, mushroom and Swiss cheese. It comes with hashbrowns and a choice of meat. (Taylor Markey/Bloc Copyeditor)

Taylor: I ordered Jon’s Omelet and went for bacon as my choice of meat since that’s my most favorite thing in the world (after naps).

The eggs were very buttery and fluffy The bacon was average; it had a maple/sweet taste, but next time I would rather it be more crispy.

The food appeared to be a large portion to me, but I also get full easily. Although the portion was large, the price was a little too high for my liking.

After eating some of the omelet and going back to the hashbrowns, they started tasting kind of bland. I would recommend eating the hashbrowns separate from everything else (possibly before you eat the rest of your meal) because they definitely tasted great when I first tried them.

The French toast with scrambled eggs and hashbrowns is $10.49. (Talia Dennis/Bloc Reporter)
The French toast with scrambled eggs and hashbrowns is $10.49. (Talia Dennis/Bloc Reporter)

Talia: I chose to have a little coffee with my meal. The waitress poured my first cup then left a pot on the table for refills. I found the coffee had a watery aftertaste to it, making me wish I had a cup of Dunkin’ instead.

Out of all the items on the short menu, the breakfast I chose seemed to be the most flexible. I had a choice of pancakes or French toast and two eggs cooked any style I wanted. I opted for the French toast and scrambled eggs. My meal also came with hashbrowns and I could have chosen between bacon, sausage and turkey sausage for an additional $2.99.

I started with my eggs. I generally put salt on my eggs to add flavor, but this time I didn’t need to. The eggs certainly weren’t covered in salt, but they didn’t taste like the bland ones I make when I’m home. I also found a slightly creamy texture to the eggs, which made them some of the best tasting scrambled eggs I’ve ever had.

The next item I tasted was the hashbrowns. I wish I had asked for them well-done because the crispy top was my favorite. It reminded me of Potato Sticks, a snack I occasionally ate growing up.

Finally, the French toast. It had a slightly sweet flavor, but no where near as sweet as the cinnamon roll. It was not the easiest to cut, but it was still delicious. The syrup was basic, but added a little more flavor to the toast. I chose to dip pieces of my French toast into the syrup, since I’m not the biggest fan.

Overall, I think the food tasted great, but it was definitely one of the more expensive breakfasts I have paid for.

Final Remarks: For college students, Ted’s Bulletin can be a great treat. We were pleased with the service and hope to return for another cinnamon roll on a special occasion.

Featured Photo Credit: Ted’s Bulletin in Northwest Washington, D.C. is most known for its cinnamon rolls and Ted’s Tarts. (Taylor Markey/Bloc Reporter)

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