By Monica Pizzo

Next Tuesday, Feb. 21, Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears will bring their unique and soulful sound to 9:30 Club. With the raspy vocals of Black Joe Lewis and the soul-filled tunes of The Honeybears, this dynamic band will not be one to miss.

Their newest album, Backlash, released on Feb. 10, exemplifies their blues-rock sound and includes tracks that feature heavy vintage blues and smoother rock influences. This album shows their growth as a band, meshing Black Joe Lewis’ raspy voice with softer blues and rock sounds, creating a unique and complementary sound that brings listeners back in time.

Black Joe Lewis is a Texas-based singer and guitarist who derives his sound heavily from R&B, soul and blues influences, resulting in James Brown-esque vibes. He released his self-titled debut solo album on Weary in 2007. His sound has evolved over the years from his first album to his most recent solo album released in 2013, Electric Slave.

His own sound differs greatly from Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears. Electric Slave features songs that fuse his natural soulful sound with hard and contemporary rock influences. However, with his tag band The Honeybears, the sound changes completely. Jazzy saxophone and horns mix with deep bass and guitar to create a unique sound.

Their journey started in 2009 with Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is!, an album that brings the listener back to the ‘70s with its deep soul and blues-rock sound.

This breakout album launched the band into stardom, getting them enough attention to tour for the next year. In 2011, they released a second album titled Scandalous, which featured more of their ‘70s soul and funk-rock sound.

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears are a talented band who combine the present with the past, linking generations and bringing the sounds of the ‘70s to young listeners. They are brave and bold with their sound and are truly one of a kind.

To experience their unique and captivating sound, click here for tickets.

Featured Photo Credits: Feature photo courtesy of Black Joe Lewis on Facebook.

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