By Joe Duffy

After President Trump passed an executive order denying migrants from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, thousands of people all over the country took to the streets — and airports — to make their disapproval known.

In Washington, D.C., protestors occupied areas outside the White House, Trump Hotel and the Capitol. They marched down Pennsylvania Avenue with their signs in the air.

Since the inauguration nine days ago, Washington, D.C. has seen large-scale protests, including the Women’s March on Washington, the Pro-Life March and the No Ban, No Wall protest.

Featured Photo Credit: While the nature of the newly-implemented security barricade prevented anybody new from gaining access to the stairs of the Trump International Hotel, no attempt was made to remove the protesters who had firmly situated themselves there already. Thus giving them the perfect high ground to address the massive crowd. (Joe Duffy/Bloc Photographer)

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