After Twitter announced the shutdown of Vine on Oct. 27, the panic to find the best vines  began. Despite not using the app for months, suddenly people are filled with nostalgia of hours spent in procrastination and laughter. The death of Vine is sad because Vine was great, even if it was already dying before Twitter killed it.

The app changed lives for many creative, young minds who went on to become social media influencers such as King Bach, Jay Versace and Thomas Sanders. It was the birthplace of “on fleek” and “why you always lyin’?” The home to these six-second videos of parody and comedy, Vine will loop forever in our hearts.

Here are 17 iconic vines we should never forget.

“Why you always lyin’?”

“On fleek”

“Do it for the vine”

“But that backflip tho”

Break Tap

The Dumb One

“What are THOOOOSE?”

Nae Nae to Anything

Stadium Kid

Flying Kid

Party Llama

DJ Dog

Wiggle Wiggle Cat

Drake Parody

Blow to LeBron

Iggy’s “Freestyle”

Death Music Dance

“Thicker than a bowl of oatmeal”

Featured Photo Credit: Feature photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

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