This past Thursday, Jai Wolf and Gryffin played at Ritchie Coliseum as part of the Student Entertainment Events’ (SEE) Fallapalooza. Opening for the two artists was Tealeavs, a student performer who won this year’s opener mixing competition.

Fans came dressed in varying Halloween costumes, excited to start the weekend with music and dancing. Though the floor did not fill up, those fans that arrived went all out with costumes and energetic singing and dancing.

Gryffin came onstage to a crowd eager to dance and gave them just what they wanted. He slowly built up the music, harnessing the crowd’s energy before letting them loose with an explosion of sound that fluctuated and grew throughout the set.

Gryffin accompanied his remixes with live guitar and drums, making explosive and exaggerated movements to capture the audience’s attention. A colorful light show accompanied his set, adding interest and an element of excitement to the show.

Gryffin closed out his set by playing his own original songs “Heading Home” and “Whole Heart.” He left the crowd excited, ready to keep dancing and eager to hear the headlining artist.

Gryffin begins his first song for the eager crowd. (Emma Riley/Bloc Photographer)
Gryffin begins his first song for the eager crowd. (Emma Riley/Bloc Photographer)

As the lights in the room went dark, Jai Wolf came on stage to massive cheers from the audience. The anticipation in the crowd was palpable as the room waited for the music to begin again.

With an explosion of strobe lights and electric sound, Jai Wolf’s music immediately had the crowd jumping and cheering. Colorful images on the screens in the background provided an extra element to the show, giving it a more exciting and dreamlike feeling.

This was one show the audience won’t forget.

“Fallapalooza was unlike any concert I’ve ever been to,” said freshman marketing major Alexandra Stifelman. “Strangers became friends and I had a blast dressing up and dancing with everyone!”

Gryffin and Jai Wolf are both currently on headline tours, making this show a special event on their journeys.

Featured Photo Credit: Tealeavs sings along to the music while he mixes songs. (Emma Riley/Bloc Photographer)

Emma Riley is a freshman multi-platform journalism major and can be reached at

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