Dear Chance the Rapper,

I attended your show at Eaglebank Arena earlier this month completely by chance (haha). It turned out to be exactly what I needed.

To help you understand, here’s some background: I’m a senior in college set to graduate in May. I’m going into journalism, which, as you may know, is a changing, struggling, unstable industry. The last few weeks have been very overwhelming — applying for jobs; competing with the friends I’ve made over the last four years for the same limited and temporary positions; trying to stay on top of my classes while participating in all of the extracurriculars I’ve added to my resume to be a better competitor for the aforementioned positions; all while maintaining a social life and enjoying the last few months of college.

So, when my friend texted me “SOS” with a link to two $30 tickets to your show, it seemed that a blessing had fallen in my lap (haha… sorry, I’ll do better).

During the show – maybe you do this at every show, I don’t know – you told all of us that our blessings were coming. It was a long spiel while “Blessings (Reprise)” played underneath your words. The overall message was very inspirational and uplifting and even made me tear up a little bit. 

And, yes, I needed to hear that.

With the upcoming months being so uncertain, I needed some form of comfort, which you provided. You made us repeat “Are you ready for your blessings? Are you ready for your miracle?” over and over and over. It was therapeutic. For that, alone, I thank you.

But then you insisted our forthcoming blessings weren’t flesh and blood — or even at your show.

This is where I think you were wrong.

I think that you, Lil Chano, were my blessing.

With all of the pressures of the world constantly surrounding us, you are a beacon of light (an ultralight beam? Ugh, I know I said I’d do better).

After scrolling through a Twitter feed full of bombings, natural disasters, gun violence, Donald Trump, etc., it’s a very welcome change to see you reacting to Beyoncé or selling your signature hats for Halloween or wearing a bear costume while eating a Kit Kat.

However, that’s not to say you’re out of touch with the world. Quite the opposite, actually. You actively encourage your fans and followers to vote, going as far as having voting registration booths outside your shows.

You and your friends started a nonprofit, SocialWorks, to empower youths. The nonprofit hosts events and brings in big names (Kanye West ring any bells?) to give youths the opportunity to “engage and interact with some of their favorite artists while exploring their creative processes to find inspiration they can later use in their own work.”

So maybe you’re our blessing.

The world needs more people like you, Big Fella. We need to embrace your positivity and creativity and implement it into our own lives.

Thanks for always reminding me to smile good.

Featured Photo Credit: Feature photo credit courtesy of Daniel Gregory on Flickr.

Maya Pottiger is a senior multi-platform journalism major and can be reached at 

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