By Raye Weigel

The annual Renaissance Festival of Maryland devotes multiple weekends in a row to create a world where people can drink meade, gnaw on giant turkey legs and purchase anything from vultures made out of oyster shells to knife earrings.

The festival runs from August through October, with themed weekends such as the Celtic celebration, pirate weekend and a Shakespeare celebration.

The fair is laid out like a small town, with pathways leading each direction with no space left open and not crowded with vendors. Men dressed in skins and leather walked around selling flower crowns. One lady was selling leather mugs that had been fried in oil to make them last.

The festival is expansive to say the least, covering the 27 acre Village of Revel Grove. More than 200 professional performers act on ten stages with events ranging from Jousting to small plays. Over 140 unique artisans gather in the village to set up shop.

It is the 40th anniversary of the festival and the small pubs were equipped with special anniversary mugs for $20 with beer.

Featured Photo Credit: Claudio Pineda, a University of Maryland Student, enjoys a turkey leg at the 40th annual Maryland Rennaisance Festival. (Josh Loock/Bloc Photographer)

Raye Weigel is a sophomore multiplatform journalism and English major and may be reached at

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