The Truckeroo festival continued its annual spring-summer season, bringing a large crowd of hungry D.C. metro area residents to D.C. Fairgrounds Friday, Sept. 16.

Aside from the number of people walking in and out, the festival area was distinguishable by its industrial look. Multicolored freight cars were stacked on top of each other, creating a rectangular perimeter that surrounded an open area. Food trucks were parked along the perimeter while the far end of the grounds was taken up by a stage and seating.

DeMarcus Slaughter, 35, was visiting from Atlanta. He described the atmosphere as lively and praised the food selection.

“The crab fries [from Crab Crab] were really good,” Slaughter said. However, after trying a pastrami sandwich from Pittsburgh Rick’s, Slaughter decided he was “not a fan of pastrami.”

Though separate tents were specifically designated for alcohol, the event maintained an all-inclusive vibe. A live band played a series of throwback songs that provoked a small group of dancers to sway and spin by the edge of the stage.

There are “so many different people and families,” said Bethesda resident Allyson Mateja, 23, noting the diverse crowd.

Lights over the festival come on as the sky goes dark and the fairgrounds fill. (Emma Riley/Bloc Photographer)
Lights over the festival come on as the sky goes dark and the fairgrounds fill. (Emma Riley/Bloc Photographer)

A plethora of more than 25 food trucks were available for everyone’s taste; Arepa Zone, Big Cheese and Capital Chicken & Waffles were among the options.

Mateja and her friend Kiley Edmundson, 23, from Arlington, VA, were particularly happy about their experience with That Cheesecake Truck. Mateja decided on a turtle sundae cheesecake, while Edmundson chose the dulce de leche flavor. They said the taste was great, but seemed particularly pleased with the presentation of the cheesecakes on sticks as they waved their newly cleaned sticks and smiled.

Similarly, happy customers weren’t hard to come by as many people explained it was at least their second time attending the event. This was one of many times for Celeste Davis, 34, a D.C. resident.

“I try to come every time they have it,”  Davis said.

The final Truckeroo of the season is set for October 14.

Featured Photo Credit: People enjoy their food as they wait for the live music performers to come onstage. (Emma Riley/Bloc Photographer)

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