Electro-indie duo Cherub performed to a sold out crowd at the 9:30 Club in D.C. on Friday. The pair, consisting of Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber, are on tour to promote their upcoming album, Bleed Gold Piss Excellence, which is set to release this fall.

Cherub’s unique sound, a mix of alternative-rock, electro-indie and pop, seemed perfect for a live show. The set consisted of old and new songs, with several unreleased tracks thrown in the mix, and the crowd danced throughout the entire thing. Several times throughout the show, Huber commented on how much he loves playing in D.C. saying, “I love this crowd. Your energy is amazing.”

In between songs, Huber called their tour driver on stage to thank him, telling the crowd, “If you see this guy, buy him a drink.” Casual moments like this were dispersed throughout the show, with Huber pointing out an audience member to tell him he liked his sweatshirt and going to the barricade to get closer to the crowd, saying, “I’m sorry… You guys have no idea how sweaty I am.”

The show closed with Cherub’s hit “Doses & Mimosas,” which the crowd had been anticipating all night. Almost as if they were teasing the waiting audience, the pair started the song with a long, drawn-out chorus before getting into the upbeat rhythm and falsetto vocals that we know and love.

Featured Photo Credit: Nashville duo Cherub, consisting of Jordan Kelley (left) and Jason Huber (right), performing at the 9:30 Club. (Casey Tomchek/Freelance Photographer)

Casey Tomchek is a sophomore journalism and English double major and can be reached at ctomchek1@gmail.com. 

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