Dimmed lights, a relaxed crowd and live music of all genres dominated the Baltimore Room of Stamp March 24 for Student Entertainment Events’ Battle of the Bands.

SEE hosted the second round of the competition, deciding which band would perform at this year’s Art Attack! The finalists included The Radiographers, the Tomato Dodgers and The Hip-Hop Orchestra. Each band brought a different sound and energy to the crowd.

The Radiographers opened the night with melodies about love and mental illness. Lead singer Devin Ganey brought up stigmas associated with mental illness and called for change. He said society needs to start treating mental illnesses with the same importance as physical ailments. The crowd applauded in response.

Songs like “Smooth” and “Hurricane” pumped the audience up as the sun set, casting a golden hue on the band. Ganey jumped off stage in a fit of passion during the band’s final song, lifting the crowd to their feet.

“It’s a chance to hear live music, and everyone was as awesome as I thought they would be,” said freshman public relations major Sarah Joseph. “It’s very chill, lights off. Everyone is here to hear the same bands I am.”

Tomato Dodgers took the stage next, funking up the atmosphere with their strong stage presence and rock instrumentals. Jokes were flying between the band members among guitar solos and hair flips. Tomato Dodgers left the stage with a standing ovation.

The Hip-Hop Orchestra concluded the night with rapping, vocals, violins, pianos and clarinets. The five rappers rallied and danced together, supporting each other’s solos. During their last song, a dancer sprung from the audience and performed on stage, executing hip-hop dance moves to the beat of the instruments.

To engage the audience with the performance, the members of the orchestra encouraged snapping, clapping and call and responses. The audience yelled “O” in response to the band’s “H H.”

A woman vocalist harmonized with the band members in the final few songs. Lyrics like, “I need you, but I need me more. I want to live forever, but I can’t behind that broken door,” silenced the crowd.

The Hip-Hop Orchestra left the stage with the the audience on their feet, whooping and clapping in appreciation for the band’s creativity, energy and raw talent.

“The Hip-Hop Orchestra put on a big sound,” said senior economics major Nelson Remetz. “They also touched that soul vibe. They went everywhere. They had so many instruments.”

After deliberation, the judges announced The Hip-Hop Orchestra as the winner of Battle of the Bands.

The Hip-Hop Orchestra will be performing at Art Attack! this year at the Xfinity Center.

Featured Photo Credit: Devin “Keyz” Pearsall of Hip Hop Orchestra kept the energy flowing at Battle of the Bands in the Baltimore room of Stamp. (Cassie Osvatics/Bloc Reporter)

WritersBloc_Headshots_14Katie Ebel is a sophomore journalism major and can be reached at katieebel@gmail.com.

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