While some are preparing for romantic dinners or buying cards covered with hearts and glitter for Valentine’s Day this Sunday, some singles, like myself, are trying very hard to avoid those forever alone memes on the internet. Rather, we’re trying very hard not to relate to them.

But, maybe not.

Perhaps some of us are embracing the alone time, the solitude, the money we don’t have to spend on flowers that will die and chocolates that will only be half eaten.

No matter how we feel about our single status, there are songs out there for us solo celebrators of hearts day. I’ve taken the time to find 10 that I hope will speak to us while we endure the day of red roses and pink teddy-bears.

  1. Fergalicious // Fergie

Taking it back to 2006. While you reminisce about those middle school days when your sexuality was just starting to develop, remember that you are insert-your-name-here-licious. And, being single means that when all the boys or girls “be lining down the block just to watch” what you got, you can embrace it.

  1. I’m Not The One // Bettye LaVette

Okay, so maybe you aren’t feeling the love at all. Maybe you feel you are “better off left alone.” Bettye feels the same, and she tells you in a soulful, rough voice that will transport you to a small, smoky bar where the bartender will serve you a stiff drink. For some singles, this is just the right atmosphere. Cheers to you.

  1. Someone New // Hozier

If you’re single only because the many celebrity or fictional book, television and film characters you fall in love with everyday don’t know you exist, I understand. I think Andrew Hozier-Byrne might have a little sympathy for our situation, too. His insanely catchy song talks of falling in love with strangers “just a little, oh a little bit every day.” I think it’s a perfect summation of many of our days being solo.

  1. Fools in Love  // Inara George

It’s not that we’re bitter or jealous—okay, maybe sometimes we are—but watching our friends or family members lose their minds over another is annoying. And they do, indeed, act like fools sometimes. Inara sweetly delivers this message to those foolish in relationships and we, the singles, can listen and know that as of yet, we do not have to worry about doing everything for our “baby loves.”

  1. It Ain’t Me, Babe // Johnny Cash and June Carter

Maybe you’re focused on your career, your education or yourself. Maybe you know that the person you could be in a relationship with wouldn’t get that you need to spend at least three hours every evening watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Or maybe you know you aren’t the right person for another person. That’s okay. Johnny gets it.

  1. Doing It Wrong // Drake

So you’re single because that last relationship was bad. You weren’t happy. It may be hard being alone this Valentine’s Day and you might want to call that ex or Facebook stalk them. No. Don’t do it. You “need someone different.”

  1. The More Boys I Meet // Carrie Underwood

This one is for the singles who are tired of going on bad dates. You have mine and your dog’s sympathy.

  1. Stupid Me // Magic!

Yes, yes, even singles can act stupidly, waiting hours for someone to text or trying way too hard to get someone’s attention. This song will remind you to quash those habits. It will also remind you that some people are just stupid not to love you because you’re awesome.

  1. I’m Like A Bird // Nelly Furtado

Maybe you have someone who wants to be in a relationship with you, but being in a committed relationship is not your style. Being true to yourself is very important and is one of the best reasons to be single. I think Furtado—at least back in 2000—would agree.

  1. When I Fall In Love  // Nat King Cole

Your friends might call you picky, but that’s all right. You’re a romantic and you want a forever love and are going to stay single until you know you’ve found it. There’s nothing wrong with that. Nat King Cole doesn’t think so and we at The Writer’s Bloc don’t judge.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Featured Photo Credit: Courtesy of Wikimedia.

WritersBloc_Headshots_04Charis Pannell is a senior journalism major and may be reached at charispannell94@gmail.com.

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