Get the tissues.


Adele is back and I’m tearing up as I write this piece and listening to her new single, “Hello.”

If you haven’t heard it –where have you been?– prepare yourself. The feels are going to hit and they are going to hit hard.

I don’t care if you broke up with someone years ago or yesterday, if you are happily in a relationship or happily single, it doesn’t matter.

The song and the video are going to have you missing someone. Have an ex?  Have a dog or cat you haven’t seen a while? Have an old blanket or stuffed animal that got you through childhood and is locked away in an attic somewhere?

Okay … so maybe I’m being a bit hyperbolic.

Still, reason one you should preorder Adele’s new album, 25, which has a Nov. 20 release date, is that it –if “Hello” and her previous albums are any indication– will help you get in touch with your feelings. Cheesy sure, but a good cry is healthy and some of that college stress might just melt away with a few tears.


Reason two is that you can break out Adele’s other albums and listen to them without your friends harping on you for ruining their vibe.

You have a totally acceptable reason to crank up “Someone Like You” off of 21 and “Make You Feel my Love” off of 19 and listen without abandon.
Just say that you’re thinking about becoming a music critic and thought you’d compare the evolution of Adele’s music as your first assignment.

Seems legit.

Three, you’ll get to hear someone besides Taylor Swift sing about relationships.

Okay, so I know Taylor Swift isn’t the only one singing about relationships, but sometimes it seems like it. I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

I’m sorry Swift fans, but the radio plays her on repeat –like it does everyone else– but it seems to me that there is something about her songs that defy the normal level of repetition.

So personally, I am looking forward to getting my fill of “Hello” in the weeks to come. Bring it on!

Reason four: The album is certainly going to bring us some great music. Her other albums back this statement and the new single proves it.

The vocals are insane. The song features notes I can only dream of hitting.

Plus, the lyrics are almost too real. She is literally having a conversation with her ex right in front of us.

If I were to overhear this phone call in real life, I wouldn’t know whether to walk away awkwardly or to live tweet it.

On top of that, the instrumentals are moving and beautiful.

The fifth reason you should preorder the album is that you’d be supporting Adele and Adele is awesome. Talent aside, beauty aside –that cleft chin of hers is so envy inducing– Adele is smart and she lives by her rules and principles.


And let us not forget that the 27-year-old songstress is also a mom.

Yeah, so just do it. Preorder the album.

And I have to  shout out to that flip phone she uses in the “Hello” video. I know I am not the only who misses the feeling of hanging up on someone by flipping the phone shut.

Featured Photo Credit: Courtesy of GlobalGoodGroup’s flickr account.

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  1. Steve Avatar

    I can’t wait for the album! Have you watched the live performance of hello?

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