Poetry Submission: “The Sultan’s Tent” by Brandon Marlon

 The Sultan’s Tent

Veiled belly dancers gyrated,

delighting patron and guests

gorging on lamb and olives,

rosemary flecks in their teeth.

Feathery fronds spun awhirl

as squirming houris charmed

between swipes at matbucha

or nips of steaming mint tea.

Awaiting sizzling shish taouk,

emirs traded caravan hearsay,

fiercely rivaling one another

with reports of desert ghouls.

Yet within the host’s soul,

a quest for insight stirred,

diverting regal attentions

from tinkling waist belts.

Concerned with obscurities,

he forsook canopied luxury,

envious of unconfined stars,

keen to fathom their secrets.

Brandon Marlon is a writer from Ottawa, Canada. His poetry has been published in various places, including England, Greece, Israel, Singapore, Romania and Ireland. 

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