They Look Like People

A man’s slow descent into insanity prompts him to rekindle his broken relationship with his childhood best friend before the shape-shifters he believes are surrounding him take over the world. Sound interesting? How could it not?! Director Perry BlackshearsThey Look Like People is a psychological horror movie that follows two friends as they navigate the horrors of the real world and and the horror inside of their minds.  

They Look Like People screened Oct. 16 at the Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival. Met with anticipation and roaring applause, this film was captivating from start to finish.

“It became the most personal thing I’ve ever done,” Blackshear said. “The characters are loosely based on myself and a good friend who went through a hard time in his life, and as a result, became paranoid and thinking people around him were turning evil.”

Lead character, Wyatt, arrives at his estranged friend’s apartment, only to continue receiving phone calls telling him that the world has been taken over by monsters and there will soon be a war. Wyatt must decide whether to protect his friend, Christian, from the impending war or save himself.

The entrance to the AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring. Taken during the 2015 Spooky Movie Film Festival. (Josh Loock/Bloc Reporter)

“There was a lot of emotion,” Roger Helmick, 34, of Virginia said. “You really got to know the characters and felt for them.” 

As Wyatt deals with voices, and his uncertainty over whether they are real, Christian is dealing with the struggles of everyday life.  He is on a journey of self improvement and faces job promotions and the girl of his dreams.

“[My friend] told me later that there was one week, where if he didn’t have a few important people in his life, he would now be in jail or dead,” Blackshear said. “The concept of the film was that one week.”

This harrowing film enthralls viewers by making the characters relatable. Christian’s eventual trust in Wyatt shows that the insanity of real life might not be far off from the voices heard inside of Wyatt’s head. If you’re looking for a new film to watch that combines horror and love with a relatable comedic spin, They Look Like People is worth your while.

40th Anniversary of Rocky Horror Picture Show: All Are Welcome

Virgins, drag and sex! Oh my! If you haven’t been to a Rocky Horror Picture Show yet it’s time to find the closest show to you and get the red, lipstick V painted on your forehead.

Last night, the AFI Silver Theatre presented the 40th anniversary of the Rocky Horror Picture Show to a packed audience.

The live performance that was staged in front of the big screen playing the 1975 movie. This was director Peaches Christ’s contribution to this cult classic.

“For me, The Rocky Horror Picture Show was my version of an ‘It Gets Better’ video when I was a teenager,” Christ said. “It showed me that there was a place for a freaky queer kid drawn toward drag and cross-dressing.”

The production of a Rocky Horror Picture Show requires the movie, the live cast and the audience. The movie’s dialogue was met with the classic audience dialogue filled with jeers of “asshole!” and “slut!” For Rocky Horror veterans, the audience responses are as much a part of the film as the cast’s script.

“For this big 40th Anniversary celebration we really wanted to honor the film, the music, and the fans,” Christ said.

Audience members came dressed in an array of drag, lingerie and character costumes.

“This is a place of welcome and acceptance,” said Karla Long, 23, of Maryland.  “Nobody here is too weird.”

The performance cast’s exact replicas of the films lingerie and heavy drag makeup brought the film to life as audience members followed them around the theatre. The entire theatre became the stage for Brad, Janet, Rocky and Frank as they ran up and down the aisles, dancing along to the comedic musical.

“The overall message of the film is ‘don’t dream it, be it’ and it’s something I really took to heart,” Christ said.

Of course, murder and cannibalism aren’t something I want you to go out check off of your bucket list. Rather, the biggest take away of the film is self acceptance and embracing innate sexuality.  

Who knows, maybe after attending a Rocky Horror Picture Show, you’ll find yourself turned on by men in black, lacy lingerie.  

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a haven for the weird and those in need of a home. The film offers a dark comedy, a live performance and audience dialogue. It is a unique and interactive experience for those with an open mind. The overall experience is fun and an easy way to spice up the mid-semester blues.

Featured Photo Credit: An entrance card to the “Circus of the Dead” showing at the AFI Silver in Silver spring. (Josh Loock/Bloc Reporter)

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