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High energy, head banging music influenced by original punk, The Split Seconds’ pop punk sound will get you up, moving, and having a good time.

The Split Seconds are a pop punk band that formed a little over six months ago in Washington, D.C. offering a revival of 1970s era punk with a sound that’s fast, simple, catchy and bold.

The boys are inspired by classic punk bands including the The Clash, the Ramones, and The Dead Boys.

“That stuff is great because it’s got this fast, stripped down, raw feel,” lead singer and guitarist Drew Champion, 28, of Washington, D.C., said. “The songs have a lot of musical and lyrical substance.”

Reminiscent of punk pioneers, The Split Seconds wants their audience members to sing along, pump their fists and dance to their music. Their music and live performances are all about the total experience. The band’s number one goal is to influence audience members to have a memorable night, moving to music they can connect with.

“We just want people to really enjoy and connect with the songs on a personal level and to have fun at the shows,” Champion said.

The Split Seconds attribute the best parts of being in a band to writing new music and hearing it come to life. They say their success comes from connecting with listeners who appreciate and enjoy the effort they put into their music.

“Playing a packed show with the audience dancing and singing along is awesome,” said drummer Sean Peterson, 27, of Washington, D.C., said. “Having people you don’t know come up to you and tell you that [they] resonate with your songs is awesome.”

“Making music gives us the satisfaction of putting something of real quality out into the world,” Peterson said.

Although the punk movement centers around individuality and rebellion, The Split Seconds opt not to promote an overriding message. Each one of their songs offers its own perspective with the intention of making listeners get up and move.

For now, The Split Seconds perform in the DMV area. Their music isn’t meant to reach a specific audience but , the band’s artistic self expression is a result of them just trying to make good music.

“Longer term, we’ll see where the music takes us,” Massi said.

The Split Seconds currently have a self-titled EP and will be releasing a full-length LP, as well as a music video for their song Cutting Out within the next month.

If you love to get up and rock out or have been desperately looking for a new band to help distract you from the pressures of school, give the The Split Seconds a listen.

Featured Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Vivienne Foster.

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